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Our responsibility

We are committed to contribute to a more sustainable world. See here about what we have done so far, our future plans, natural standards, and metrics.

Protecting the environment

What we have done so far

    • We operate a purpose-built factory from 2014, using the latest natural light and thermal innovations.
    • Waste heat from our injection molding machines, milling machines, & air compressors are used to heat our factory in winter, in addition all fresh cleanroom air intake is passed through the heat exchanger, saving heat or cold.
    • 100% of the electric energy we use comes from renewable sources, approximately 30% of which comes from the photo voltaic panels on our own factory roof.
    • Our injection molding machines are fully electric. Compared to traditional hydraulic machines, it saves 50% electricity. In addition, 80% of the company vehicles are EV, by 2025 it will be 100%.
    • Scrap silicone material is regenerated to make new silicone raw materials. Any waste that is not (yet) recyclable today, is incinerated (at twence.com) with heat regeneration. Nothing goes to landfill.

Every little bit counts, and over the past decade, these seemingly small but mighty measures have significantly reduced our overall carbon footprint.

Future plans

  • Even though our natural gas consumption of the entire factory is only equivalent to the use of 3 households, by 2025 we will cease using natural gas altogether. There with our factory energy use will be 100% fossil free by 2026.
  • Work actively with our supply chain and switch to low or no-carbon emitted raw materials as they become available.
  • To further reduce our waste and increase the recycling rate of what’s left.
Responsibility Minivalve

Business ethics

We recognise how fortunate we are to live and work in societies where integrity is generally a shared core value. That said, we also recognize that there’s always room for growth, and we will always aspire to the highest standards in all business practices.

Needless to say:

  • The health, safety, and well-being of all of our stakeholders’ is on top.
  • We never offer- or accept gifts, incentives, donations that could, in any way, curry favor or wield influence over our decision making.
  • In the unlikely event of a dispute, misunderstanding or disagreement, we will consider the relative position of the weaker.
  • Naturally, we ensure that no form of modern slavery, human trafficking or child labor is applied, any where in our supply chain.

Social ethics

Our organisational structure and decision-making processes consider input from all stakeholders. Most notably, our employees. Bi-annual employee meetings with the entire workforce provide information on what’s new throughout the company, from new clients to the latest technological developments.

We pride ourselves on the following metrics regarding our workforce

  • Comprising of 13 Nationalities, living in 5 countries around the world.
  • 10% of our work force is employed over 12,5 years. The average length of employment is currently 66 months and ever climbing. Employee retention is 95.4% per year over an average 3-year period (2020-2023).
  • We limit the number of flex work colleagues, and we assure that those who are flex enjoy the same employment conditions as their pay rolled colleagues.

Additionally, we give back to our community by

  • Sponsoring local cultural and sportive events, especially those where our employees and their family members are participating.
  • providing internships to students from local schools, vocational colleges and universities.
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