Quality By System

Quality in everything we do is based on two important factors. First and foremost, our Management Principles which create the quality environment. Secondly, our earned Quality System Certifications which ensure embedding in our organization.

Our Management Principles

Critical to our management principles are the 14 points of Dr. W. Edwards Deming which advocate taking a holistic approach towards quality and productivity. When we first started, these 14 points were a foundation for our corporate culture.  Along the way we developed our own 5 Minivalve Management Principles.  We focus on 1) Working to meeting the needs of all stake holders  2) empowering our employees and team work, 3) developing profound knowledge, 4) to continually improve our processes and 5) leadership to embrace these points and lead by example. It has reaped its benefits. We created and maintain a culture of dedicated employees who demonstrate genuine pride and ownership over every aspect of their work, aimed at getting better every day to provide flawless valves at the lowest cost, and so offering exceptional value to all stakeholders. This is what we call our “Quality By System”

Quality Certifications

Besides our management principles that strive for quality, Minivalve’s Quality System is certified to:

  • ISO 9001 for industry
  • IATF 16949 for automotive
  • ISO 13485 for medical (coming soon)

As well, in addition to these global standards, many world class OEM customers from around the world visit us for on-site audits, in medical, automotive, appliances, as packaging. Whether system or target product audits, we always welcome them.

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