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Dear visitor of minivalve.com,

I’m delighted to share our story with you. It all began 25 years ago with a vision to create a the first company that would focus solely on making miniature valve components, prioritize customer needs and truly empower employees.

These 3 values have proven right as they made us market leader in our field today. By working hard, with humility and respect for our customers and colleagues, we earned their trust. I recall our earliest days, when we had only 3 colleagues and this “valve-only focus,” a Fortune 500 company trusted us with their valve challenge. Now, 25 years later, we are still their exclusive valve supplier, as we are to so many other clients worldwide, big and small.

As a family company, we value long-term relationships not only with our customers but also with our dedicated team, which is working tirelessly every day to meet our customers' needs. And with low employee turnover we develop deep valve application- and manufacturing expertise, which is ultimately what sets us apart.

Thank you for considering Minivalve for your fluid control component needs.

Peter Nijland
Founder and CEO

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Core compentencies

At Minivalve we have two core competencies, which are:

  1. Application Engineering assistance, finding the most elegant miniature valve solution for your device, and;
  2. Manufacturing them, in volumes, competitively, in-time, free from defects, year after year.

Valve Solutions

Every day and again, we’re thrilled that our valves find so many different uses in so many different fields, —from medical devices to automotive, consumer appliances, packaging, and countless others. Our Valve Engineering Team brings a wealth of experience to the table, ensuring the most elegant and cost-effective valve solutions for seamless integration into your system. We assist with functional testing, bio-compatibility, shelf life questions, validation…, ask us anything.

If we don’t already have what you need, we can develop a new valve solution. Our engineering team possesses extensive knowledge of elastomers and plastics. With our best-equipped flow test lab, our high-precision in-house tool shop and our rapid prototyping capabilities they use an integrated approach considering valve function, quality, and cost simultaneously, whether it’s for our next catalog valve or for your custom valve specific to your needs.

Volume Manufacturing

Finding the best valve solution is only the beginning. We manufacture our valves reliably for years and years thereafter.

While our product development engineering thrives on creativity and flexibility, our manufacturing operations are dedicated to repeat production day in day out with least variation and continuous improvement. We design and build our own highest-precision tooling in-house and invest in the best Elastomer and Plastics molding and valve assembly infrastructure. Stringent application of state-of-the-art organizational procedures and management tools and further developing and harnessing our expertise to ever improve our output. This allows us to consistently produce millions and millions of parts, ensuring our customers never have to worry about their valve supply chain.

What about the whale?

We’re often asked about the whale in our company logo. Well, our whale represents the significance of our customers (projects) that rely a great deal on just a little valve. The huge whale depends for his life on this relatively small duckbill valve located on top of its blowhole. And small valves, is precisely what we make!

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