Functional options

Valves come into four main categories for function:

  • Checking: designed for a unidirectional flow in a device. Low and immediate forward flow with little pressure drop and very good sealing performance in reverse flow direction.
  • Venting: designed to open at a specific, predetermined, opening pressure and re-seal once system pressure drops. Can be used to vent air or liquids from vessels, tanks, or other systems, or keeping pressure in a system or vessel until a predetermined pressure is reached and then the valve opens to vent.
  • Dispensing: designed to dispense (usually a liquid) into an atmospheric container, creating a clean, constant steam. Popular in filling equipment and household condiments bottles.
  • Access: designed to provide access to a pressure system (such as the body or arteries), allowing instruments such as guidewires, catheters, or scopes to pass through the valve whilst preventing leakages, and close when the instrument is withdrawn.
Opening pressure (kPa)

Opening pressure

Opening pressure describes the point at which a valve will open, and fluid is able to start passing through it.

Max. backpressure (kPa)

Back pressure

Max pressure the valve can hold before the pressure becomes so great that it can cause the valve to rupture or collapse on itself.

Functional diameter (mm)

Functional diameter

The functional diameter is the actual measured diameter to determine if the valve is going to fit with the corresponding application.

Total height (mm)

Total height

The total height is the vertical distance from the ground level of the valve to the highest point of the valve.

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