Application examples

Valves are used in a wide variety of application areas. The examples give you an idea of how some of our valves are used in the medical, automotive, packaging, and home appliances industry.

Duckbill valve 1a) Duckbill Valve in air inlet of an IV set spike/drip chamber Duckbill valvesThe Duckbill Valve allows air to enter the IV bottle when solution is administered to the patient. It prevents the air filter from wetting and clogging and helps to maintain its antibacterial integrity
Fluid control valve 1b) Duckbill valve in a piggy-back IV set y-site Fluid control valvesThe Duckbill Valve assures that fluid from the piggy-back is delivered to the patient rather than flowing upstream into the other IV bag
Duckbill valve parallel infusion 1c) Duckbill Valve at the end of an IV line for parallel infusion Duckbill valves parallel infusionThe Duckbill Valve assures that fluid from the parallel IV pump is precisely delivered to the patient rather than flowing upstream into the other IV bag
Combination valve 2) Umbrella/Duckbill Combination Valve in a small engine fuel tank cap Combination valvesThe Umbrella/Duckbill Combination Valve allows air to be drawn into the fuel tank at low pressure when fuel is consumed and allows vapor to vent from the tank at higher pressure in case the tank gets warm
Duckbill valve soap dispenser 3) Duckbill Valve in a soap dispenser Duckbill valves soap dispenserThe Duckbill Valve acts as an Inlet Valve in the soap pump
Anti-siphon valve 4) Duckbill Valve as an Anti-siphon Valve in a shower head Anti-siphon valvesThe Duckbill Valve prevents water being sucked back in case an accidental vacuum would occur in the water system
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