How they work

Duckbill valves

Duckbill Valves are unique, one-piece, elastomeric components that act as backflow prevention devices. Also known as one-way valves or check valves. They have elastomeric edges, or lips, shaped in a way that resembles a duck’s bill (hence their name). Designed for unidirectional, forward flow, any reverse pressure results in the lips closing to a seal, blocking backflow. As forward flow resumes, the sealed lips part again.

Features of Duckbill Valves

  • Position independent,
  • Low opening pressure- immediate free flow,
  • Non-tortuous flow path,
  • High flow rate vs. package size,
  • Virtually no internal volume and dead space,
  • Particle compliant,
  • Corrosion resistant,
  • Wear resistant, and
  • Last but not least very cost effective.

These simple, versatile and effective valves are position independent—meaning they can be placed virtually anywhere and will work fully and independently, regardless of location or other components. These valves require very low forward pressure to open (and stay open). As a result, they also feature immediate free flow, and non-tortuous flow paths, that easily accommodate high flow rates regardless of passage, tubing or channel size. Its features also produce very little dead volume. Duckbill Valves are corrosion and wear resistant, particle compliant, and highly cost effective.

Minivalve Duckbill Valves are available in a variety of elastomeric materials. These include medical and food-grade silicone, as well as hydrocarbon-resistant fluorosilicone rubber, specifically engineered to handle a broad range of substances and temperatures.

Duckbill Valves have been around for years. Their simple but effective stoppage feature have made them the first choice for many applications. These include everything from single-use/short term intravenous fluid delivery kits; to the delicate tubing circuits in heart surgery; to heavy duty, one-way valve fuel pumps in cars and planes, and everything in between, like soap dispensers, breast pumps, coffee makers, shower heads, toys, etc.


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