How they work

Access valves

Used as a check valve, when the 4 cuspids open. Cross-slit access valves offer much greater volume / flow capacity in contrast to Duckbill Valves, for example. Which are typically designed to accommodate lesser flow capacities.

Cross-slit valves have 4 cuspid openings and non-tortuous, straight-line flow paths. This allows instruments and substances alike to be guided or pushed through the Valve. Cross-slit valves are often used in trocars and hemostatic ports in minimally invasive surgery. In combination with back-up seals, cross-slit valves prevent fluid or gas leakage from an incision or body cavity, into which it has been inserted, often along with medical instruments. Cross-slit valves’ 4 cuspids also prevent leakage at the removal stage. Minivalve’s patented Access Valves offer unique designs that can be customized for greater diameters and pressure ranges too.

Minivalve Cross-slit valves are available in ISO 10993 medical grade silicone, as well as various other elastomeric materials specifically engineered to handle a broad range of substances and temperatures.

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